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"Bringing back nature's beauty

one garden at a time"

About Us

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In business since 2005, we specialize in Western IL/Eastern IA ecotype pollinator plants for prairie, woodland, and wetland forbs and grasses. What’s New? We carry a wide range of plants beneficial to pollinators and specifically designed for Monarchs, Honeybees, and Hummingbirds. Each kit contains drought tolerant native plants and are pollinator specific to provide a season-long display of color, as well as pollen and nectar for pollinators.


Benefits of Native Plants
• Drought tolerant after they are established (one year)
• Cold tolerant, even in years without snow cover & cold temps
• Excellent for erosion control due to their extensive root system
• Naturally resistant to many pests and diseases
• Provide nectar, pollen and seed for bees, butterflies and birds
• Provide nesting sites
• Fairly low maintenance once established
• Help open up tight soils so water can penetrate, reducing  runoff
• Plants for the toughest conditions, dry shade, wet soils,  very dry soils,
  and heavy clay
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catalog - dry upper areas
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